YouTube Video Channel Update

We are converting our YouTube Channel to monetized, which means we get paid a little for ads placed on the videos. It’s not much, but it is the only little pay we get to offset the work we have done to get this stuff up there.

See our YouTube Channel here —>

In order for us to monetize this stuff we need several things. We need to have permission from the people in the video to use it to make money. We also need to have the rights to distribute this copyrights material.

Well, this is going to be very difficult with all this Open Mic material. As a result some of your videos may be removed. It will be too much expense to buy rights to distribute, plus collect all the signatures of artists performing.

So…. You may notice changes in your performances on YouTube. Also, this document serves as a disclaimer… If you give us permission to use your video (which I always ask before videoing) then your are EXPRESSLY granting us the rights involved with monetizing your videos.

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