Small Business

We have operated as a micro-enterprise in one form or another since 1991!

Also, we have systematically cultured in-house expertise in small, and especially micro-enterprise operating procedures and tactics to achieve success in these endeavors.

We offer this expertise in several formats.

First, the book 21 Steps To Marketing Mastery:
A Self-study Crash Course To Building Small Business Success Through Effective Marketing On A Budget
, coming very soon. We are editing this book now!

More than a book, it is a complete crash course geared especially for small business owners that need customers now! Work through the workbook, and the course in order to get a grip on success through effective marketing!

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We also offer a few other services that may help your small business enterprise. We offer Computer Technology Consulting, Web Design, especially as part of an overall Marketing Plan, Comouter Networking. We maintain in-house expertise in these areas in order to assist you in your efforts to succeed at Small Business goals, especially Creatives, Authors, Musicians!

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