Please Help Find My Stolen Ibanez Artcore Guitar

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 someone came in my house, which is unlocked, and took my Ibanez Artcore AK80-BS Hollowbody guitar that I make a living with. They left the $1,500 1980s G&L, they left the $1,000 mixing board, they left the other PA worth $200, they left everything except stuff with very little value.

This guitar couldn’t be worth more than $200. But it was my favorite guitar that I work with.

Please help find it.

I had moved ones of the strap buttons from the back of the guitar to the heel of the neck to make it sit more balances when you hold it. This right here probably ruined the value of it. But the value of it to me was not the money. It was that it is a tool I use to make my living. And I work hard.

Serial Number is S10030277.

I will give a $100 reward for its return. I probably should not recommend the good ass-kicking these thieves deserve. I am a self employed musician with 2 kids to support. It too me months to pay for this inexpensive guitar.

Thanks folks. It is very stressful to lose something like this… My favorite axe, my tool, what I ply my trade with.





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