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Single – Jenny Haniver

“I got the song from old sideshow lore… people would create these false mermaids from fish parts and monkey parts and charge admission to see these oddities…. The british cockneys couldn’t pronounce the French town name where these came from (Genevieve, or something like this) so they called them “Jenny Hanivers…

“So in the song, Jenny Haniver is some person or time that doesn’t exist….. a name for what could’ve been, might’ve been….

“The song is full of images of loss….

… all according to songwriter Chris Miller

Single- Air

This is an old demo written in a garage somewhere in the South sometime in the 1990s. We love keeping our some of this older, more impromptu stuff because the kids today love to hear the history of grunge and alternative music.

Let us know what you think…

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