Finishing Touches on the New Book!

New book is finished! We use an on-demand publishing system, so it is realtively easy to proof stuff. We will have copies by next week. So we are taking orders now. Act today and get a copy of the manuscript in electronic (PDF) version, our own working version that goes straight to the printer in addition to the print version

There are a million chord books out there. Why is this one different? Here’s why – because I have boiled down all the chords you will ever need into a 25 page workbook. Every chord is in there. I have just reduced the sheer volume of it… This is a lifetime worth of work in a 25-page workbook. The equivalent to college level chord class for two years is in here. Dont take this too lightly because it is condensed. But you get the equivalent to 2 years of guitar chord lab at a major university, all condensed into a workbook, and free courses on the website using this material. All you pay is $9.99 US plus postage and handling (or come pick up your copy at Blue Ridge Music Academy). Act today and I will send you the Electronic (PDF) version of the manuscript today, and you will get the first copies off the presses when they arrive early next week, all for the low price of the print book. Act now!

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