Bands, Musicians, Let’s Do Some Music!

I am so excited about summer. The kids get out of school. Our students at Blue Ridge Music Academy have more time for music (hopefully!). My band gets busy, and life is filled with music, family, friends, summer.

I am hoping to encourage all the great musicians, and lovers of great music here around our cool little scene by doing some jams, and open mics over the summer season. Even a monthly workshop would be cool. I would love to hear from all my musician friends and work out some ideas to get together, and make this happen. I would love to hear all of your ideas!

We are blessed to have been able to create a cool little scene here around Southern Appalachia, and Northeast Georgia more specifically. I am reaching out to all of you to let me know how we can make some collective music events happen. Ideas? Please contact me today.


In the meantime, come visit us in Clayton at Blue Ridge Music Academy, the center of this music scene.

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