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Welcome! to DoublePlanet.com, Double Planet Ltd. Co.’s home on the web. We publish unique solutions to fill highly specialized educational and entertainment needs utilizing innovative design practices that cross various medias into effective ways to deliver learning and entertainment.

Every product, service, and solution we provide somehow has Creativity as a central factor in one way or another. Whether we are assisting an author to get their book to the various new publishing channels, or helping to market their CD on the Internet, or playing the drums, creativity is the zenith of all humanity’s achievements. It is our paradigm.

We offer the following creative products and services:

Professional Recording Service – We’ll help you realize your creative vision through song, music, spoken word.

We have developed several learning products and services centered around a few subjects.

Guitar Learning – the CreativeGuitar Mastery series of guitar learning products.

The CreativeGuitarMastery.com website.

Private Instruction – Guitar, Voice Coaching, Piano Keyboard, Bass, Drum Instuction and coaching. Beginning thru advanced Music Theory. E-mail chris@doubleplanet.com for more info, questions, or to book a lesson.

Along the way we have added huge skill to our repertoire in using technology to accomplish modern tasks. Technology is a huge communication, collaboration, learning, and teaching tool. It has greatly leveled the playing field, and now everyone is a micro-publisher of their thoughts, ideas, information.

We offer the following products and services to the local area that assist you in better using modern Technology to meet your goals:

Fast, convenient, affordable onsite computer technical support. troubleshooting, upgrades, and repairs. (Available in local area only)

Real-world networking for homes and small business.

Web Design, Internet marketing as part of a total marketing plan, especially for small business and Propreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Contact us today. We will help meet your needs…
Chris Miller
Double Planet, Ltd. Co.

Smart learning and entertainment for bright, creative people

Creativity + Learning + Technology = DoublePlanet.com

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