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Welcome! to DoublePlanet.com, Double Planet Ltd. Co.’s home on the web.

Double Planet Ltd. Co. is a specialized set of services and products centered around the studies and practices of owner and founder James Christian Miller studies and career. Chris began his career as a musician, and music instructor. He grew up emersed in Technology during these last exciting few decades both as a means of producing creative projects, but also a media to teach, learn, and disseminate creative projects. Double Planet, Ltd. Co. is a company that nurtures these few subjects by offering a unique set of products and services based around this specific subject mattter.

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We offer a few specialized products and services centered around a few specializations.



We offer the following creative products and services:

Music & Learning
The Creative Guitar Mastery Website Website

Guitar Learning – the CreativeGuitar Mastery series of guitar learning products.

The CreativeGuitarMastery.com website.

Private Instruction – Guitar, Voice Coaching, Piano Keyboard, Bass, Drum Instuction and coaching. Beginning thru advanced Music Theory. E-mail chris@doubleplanet.com for more info, questions, or to book a lesson.

  • Creative Guitar Mastery Series of Guitar Learning
  • Creative Guitar Mastery: Fretboard Orientation
  • Creative Guitar Mastery: Modal Improvisation 101
  • Creative Guitar Mastery: Movable Chord Workbook
  • Creative Guitar Mastery: The Scale Book

Private & Group Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, and Voice Training/Lessons

Music Technology
Project Studio and Recording Service

Music Technology, Sound Design, Live Sound

Obadiah – Live! Alt. Country-Rock

RabunCo.com Music News & Events Calendar

Creative Publishing, Distribution & Marketing Consultation – For Musicians and Authors

Real-world networking for homes and small business.

Web Design, Internet marketing as part of a total marketing plan, especially for small business and Propreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Computer Technology

  • Fast, Affordable Highly Qualified Computer Technical Support, Onsite, plus office in town
  • Web Design, Online Marketing

21 Steps to Marketing Mastery

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Chris Miller
Double Planet, Ltd. Co.

Smart learning and entertainment for bright, creative people

Creativity + Learning + Technology = DoublePlanet.com

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